Post-Hurricane Sandy PR blog round-up

Now that Sandy has completely left and most of the New York City and tri-state area has restored power and internet service, I wanted to share some of my favorite blog posts written by PR pros before, during and after the storm (since I know you already read mine). I’ll be referencing this list of links when the next storm rolls around. Here is my Hurricane Sandy blog post round-up:


NYC PR girls: How to pitch when the media won’t listen

In case you didn’t read this post about how it’s a bad time to pitch the media in the aftermath of Sandy, they share a few tips on some projects you can work on while you’re waiting for all of the storm coverage to blow over (no pun intended).

PR Breakfast Club: Special Post-Hurricane edition: PR Helping PR and PR Helping PR

Someone in PR started a Facebook page to help out other PR professionals in need of relief from Sandy. PR helping PR is a great concept.

Edelman’s 6 a.m.: Managing through Sandy

A great testament to some of the hardships (cold showers! no transportation!) PR pros have gone through for their clients while weathering the storm and how the NYC Edelman team stuck together through it all.

What should we call social media: When GAP and American Apparel Used Sandy to Promote Online Sales

What? This is just funny. And true. Every PR pro across the nation had this reaction to their Sandy sales tactics. You can read more about that here.

ifb: How did hurricane Sandy affect the fashion industry?

As a PR pro with a client in the fashion industry, I found this round-up of news interesting. The links are compiled from the perspective of the fashion industry and it goes to show how all industries, even fashion, are affected by storms like Sandy.

Profiles, Inc.: Useful tips on how to work effectively from home

Even I was stuck at home for a few days as my office was closed for the storm. Working from home effectively actually takes practice. This was a quick crash course for any PR pros not used to it.

Facebook: Facebook resources after hurricane Sandy

This one isn’t by a PR pro, but it is a great PR pro and media resource from Facebook.

GroundFloor Media: As Sandy slams the East, some caveats about pitching

The truth about pitching during a natural disaster and an election comes out with a straight-forward list of exceptions for pitching. If your client/you is not an exception, don’t pitch it.

PR Daily: 5 things for PR pros to know about Hurricane Sandy

I particularly appreciated numbers three and five.

PRWeek US: PR agencies on Twitter for Hurricane Sandy

After power outages and internet service issues across the East Coast, some PR agencies used Twitter to communicate with employees, share information about office closings and offer well-wishes. Resourceful.


Did I miss a good one? Share it in the comments below and I might add it to this list.

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